Is Your Water Heater Having Trouble Holding its Water?

Make sure your hot water supply is uninterrupted in Asheboro, High Point, NC

Jumping into an unexpectedly cold shower can be quite a shock to the senses. Is your water heater taking longer than usual to produce hot water? Is the hot water being used up quicker than it used to? Our services could help. Saunders Plumbing, Inc. can do what it takes to repair your malfunctioning water heater, or replace your old water heater with a more efficient, higher-capacity model.

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3 indicators that you might need to replace your water heater

Is it time for a new water heater? Here are a few ways to determine whether you need one:

  1. Your heater is more than 10 years old
  2. Your heater doesn’t produce as much hot water as it used to
  3. Water is leaking around the base or fittings of your heater

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